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Scottish Government supporting business - Access to finance

While most Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have access to the finance they need, there are still some businesses in Scotland that are unable to access finance, or are not trying to. Since the global financial crisis of 2008, most SMEs have been using external finance less and focusing on remaining debt-free.

We want to make it easier for SMEs to access finance so that they can use it to support jobs and achieve growth.

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Dalbeattie & District Chamber of Trade and Commerce exists primarily to support businesses within Dalbeattie and district and strengthen local economic activity for the benefit of the whole community.

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Where you choose to shop really does make a difference!

Whether you are buying a loaf of bread, a new kettle or using the services of a local tradesman or professional, buying locally has real benefits for you and the wider community. 

Here’s why. 


When you shop or buy services from a local business, you are putting money into your community.

Statistics show that when you buy from local shops and businesses, 80% of that spend stays in the local community compared to around just 20% with non-local businesses such as national chains.

What’s more, the multiplier effect of money staying locally increases the prosperity of everyone through more secure - often better paid - employment for locals.

Shopping locally helps keep Dalbeattie vibrant.

Unlike national chains, local businesses are part of the community. They create diversity, not uniformity, enhancing the shopping experience.

And local businesses also invest in their community by supporting community groups and events which enhance the quality of life for everyone who lives here. 


If the businesses are not supported, the local groups and events tend to disappear too, impacting on the wellbeing of the wider community. 

Dalbeattie is fortunate to have a variety of locally-owned businesses selling virtually everything you need and offering quality products, unbeatable service and value for money too. 

And by shopping locally, you're doing your bit for the environment by reducing the need for journeys to other towns and saving money on petrol or bus fares too. 


If you get it, then Get It In Dalbeattie!


Discover the wide variety of local businesses on your doorstep and make a positive choice to buy local today.

Dalbeattie Shop Local campaign
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Dalbeattie Chamber of Trade and Commerce
Dalbeattie Chamber of Trade and Commerce
Dalbeattie Chamber of Trade and Commerce
Dalbeattie Chamber of Trade and Commerce
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Dumfries and Galloway Council funding was secured for this Dalbeattie and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce project